Consulting for Musical Theatre Dance

[slogan align=”left”]Julie will prepare you for all the different dance requirements for your musical theatre auditions. You must have an excellent dance audition to get into the more competitive musical theatre programs, and it is just as important as your songs and monologues.[/slogan]


Whether you’re an advanced dancer, actor or singer—whether your strengths are in jazz, modern, ballet or tap—musical theatre faculty want to see technique, musicality, movement habits and creativity. They want you to show them who you are through movement.

A consultation with Julie  requires that she see you dance. This can be accomplished in person at her studio, sending her dance clips or over Skype. Then choreography, music, dance attire, school requirements, deadlines and filming will be discussed. If it is decided that new choreography is preferred, Julie will help you find the right choreographer. If you need her to film your prescreen she will book a dance studio and handle the filming.

Taking the time to properly plan and film your dance prescreen can be a powerful component of your musical theatre portfolio. Be prepared and book a consult.